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  • Erri Bekentu (እሪ በክንቱ)

    @Bilen(ብሌን)   2 years ago
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  • @Bilen(ብሌን)   2 years ago

    As elder people from the area say this is how the legendary Erri Bekentu, a neighborhood close to  modern day Piazza (ፒያሣ) in Addis Ababa got its name. During the time of Emperor Menelik, the Arada area currently known as Piazza (ፒያሣ) was a secured area by the Arada guards (ያራዳ ዘበኛ). The area was covered with forests and there were a lot of prostitutes in that area. In addition to that there were robbers and Majirat Metchi (ማጅራት መቺ) those who hit on the napes of the necks, which stay in the forest and robs a person of his money, clothes and shoes. If a person creates a problem, the prostitutes themselves would jointly come out with heavy sticks and beat the hell out of him and nobody would answer the victim’s call. Even the Arada Zebegna (ያራዳ ዘበኛ) the guards wouldn’t attempt it. Because of this, the area was named as Erri Bekentu (Scream in vain)

    Ref: The History of Addis Ababa

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