• Dire Sheik Nur Husein Mosque(የድሬ ሼህ ኑር ሁሴን መስጊድ )

    @Bilen(ብሌን)   2 years ago
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  • @Bilen(ብሌን)   2 years ago

     Dire Sheik Nur Husein mosque is believed to be founded by Islamic Saint Sheik Nur Husein around 1300 AD.

    Located in Oromia Region in the district of Jara with in the Bale Zone this holy place is Islamic center of pilgrimage for people coming from different corners of the country, and Islamic communities of the Horn and the Middle East countries, twice a year. 

    The site is a representation of an early medieval period of Islamic architecture having aged and hung fence made of stone, doomed construction called “Kubba” in the name of Sheik Nur Husein and other religion teachers, Ponds named as “Shoka” and “Dinkure”, aged Mosque and the cave of Aynage which has historical contact with Sheik Nur Hussein. It is also used as a religious school (Medresa) and as a tourist attraction place. As a holy site and a place of pilgrimage Dire Sheik Hussein is considered as the little Mecca for Ethiopian Islamic community.

    Dire Sheik Nur Husein Mosque

    Pilgrims in front of Dire Sheik Nur Husein Mosque

    Reference: The history of  Ethiopia

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