• Geremew Denboba(ገረመው ደንቦባ)

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  • @Feven   2 years ago

    Geremew Denboba was one of the first Ethiopian Olympians who by his sheer determination, persuaded and was allowed by the Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie to represent Ethiopia and participate in the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne, Australia. He was the first person in history to carry our national flag in Olympic Games. Even though, a very long(nearly seven days) journey and inadequate preparation and training played a bigger role, with his fellow Ethiopians (Tesema Amossa, Mengistu Neguse, Abeba Mamo, Tsahaye Bahta and Mesfin Tesfaye) they ranked Ethiopia 9th in the world and were recorded as the first black Olympic cyclists . In the 1960 Rome Olympic Games he fell of his bicycle and didn’t finish the race; however he was leading all of the 9 rounds out of 11.  The other cyclists who represented Ethiopia along with him were Tesema Amossa, Mengistu Neguse, Admassu Merga, Alazar Kiflom and Jovanie Masola. He was the head coach of the Ethiopian cycling team on the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games. As a dedicated cyclist, Geremew has inspired and trained Ethiopian cyclists for many years. His 30 cups and 32 gold and silver medals both in international and national stages are a shining example of his achievements.

    Geremew Denboba

    Cycling at 1956 Melbourne Olympics

    1956 Melbourne Olympics Ethiopian Team 


    Ref: History of Ethiopian Sport

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