• Honorable Doctor Sinidu Gebru (ስንዱ ገብሩ)

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    The daughter of Mayor Gebru Desta Sinidu Gebru was born in 1914 in Addis Alem.

    Sinidu came to Addis Ababa where she attended Swedish Mission School and In 1929 she went to Switzerland along with her sister Woizero Yewibdar later renamed “Imahoy Tsigemariam”).

     During her stay in Switzerland and France she pursued her education and received diploma. She also studied literature, history, French and English languages. Upon her return to Ethiopia, Sinidu started to serve as a teacher in St George School located in Addis Ababa. 

    After a few years’ services, Italian fascists invaded Ethiopia. During that period, she went on a mission along with the Ethiopian Red Cross volunteers and rendered medical services to members of the Ethiopian army. After having been fully aware of the fact that Addis Ababa was under the fascist enemy occupation, Sinidu made her way to the western part of the county, Ilubabor (Gore), where she joined the patriotic forces. But unfortunately, she fell into enemy hands and was brought back to Addis Ababa along with other patriots. She was then banished to an island called Azinara Island located in Italy where she stayed under imprisonment.Sinidu returned to her country after liberation from enemy occupation was ensured. 

    Following her return to Ethiopia, Sinidu served as director of Wezero Sihin School and Empress Menen School located in Dessie town and then Addis Ababa respectively. In due course, Sinidu went on consolidating her active participation in political and administrative areas. 

    As a result of such efforts, she became the first female parliamentary elect. She then became member of the senate and was elected as a Vice President. Besides serving as vice president, Sinidu had saved as: President of the Ethiopian Red Cross Society, Chief Secretary and Administrator in the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs, and as education attaché in West Germany for three years. Sinidu is a well-known literary figure and playwright with many works to her name in Amharic language. These include “Kokeb yallew yaberal Gena”, “Yenuro Sihtet”, “Yelibe Metsahal”,” Kemaichew Melse” and many other literary works.

    In recognition of her literary works and her services, Addis Ababa University awarded Sinidu with an Honorary Doctorate Degree in 2005. Such an iron lady and literary giant, the Honorable Doctor Sinidu died at the age of 93 in 2009

     Please refer this sewasew link to read about her sister “Imahoy Tsigemariam” (እማሆይ ፅጌማርያም) http://www.sewasew.com/phrases/1005/definitions/934?withDetails=1

    Reference: Ethiopian Artists History 

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