• Who is painter Addis Gezehagn (አዲስ ገዛህኝ)?

    @Abigel   8 months ago
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  • @Abigel   8 months ago

    Addis Gezehagn was born in 1978 in Addis

    Ababa. He was educated in Art at the Addis

    Ababa University School of Fine Arts and

    Design. After graduating in 2001, he worked as

    a full-time artist at the Ethiopian Art Studio.

    The key to the variety in his art is his ability to

    draw inspiration from many diverse sources.

    Deriving ideas from his subconscious, his

    work is a reflection of life, depicting both live

    and inanimate objects. To date, he has held

    a number of solo and group exhibitions in

    Ethiopia and various other countries.

    Here are some of his paintings;

    Reference: ART OF ETHIOPIA

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